Walid Assaf

Lebanese Drummer Extraordinaire


Walid Assaf is the Music Director for both the Studio and CEDAR. He was known as the leading Arabic drummer of New England and is an artist marked by a very vibrant and energetic style. He shares his skill as an instructor and performer of Arabic percussion. Walid  taught percussion through Scheherazade Studios in New England for over 20 years then in Southern CA for the past 18 years He is also a remarkable Debke dancer who brings his talent and knowledge directly form Lebanon. He has performed with the STARS of the dance world on both coasts and in between and in the Middle East. He has performed throughout the world with master musicians and singers from the Middle East. Walid has worked on just about every venue on the east coast , south west coast,  Baja CA and now in Eastern TN. With his wife he assists in bringing stars from around the world to be introduced to American audiences so they can have the feeling of understanding other cultures. Walid is the manager and directs CEDAR Productions including the publishing. All books CDs etc. are written by Tales 1001 but the production of such is done through CEDAR Productions. Our motto is to grow like a Cedar of Lebanon.



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These courses are planned by an international teacher and performer and cover Arabic Dance. They cover our dance form from CREATIVITY to THEATER presentations and everything in between. Morwenna Assaf and her husband Walid Assaf produce these courses in dance and rhythm. They are from the UK and Lebanon respectively. Their lives have been dedicated to the sharing of the dance and music of the Eastern Arabic (The Levantine) countries for over 40 years. It is their life to share with the world to keep the culture in Arabic Dance.

All courses are on sale through YesCourse.com and CourseCraft.com at this and will be offered in other other on-line outlets in the future. The latest courses added are *The Art of teaching oriental Dance* and *Performing Technique for Middle Eastern Dance Artists*  Anyone one who purchases will have these courses forever and will get all updates including audios and videos as they are published. Expand their education. Be a knowledgeable teacher and/or dancer. “Why Be Good When You Can Be Great!” .

All Arabic Percussion:


Derbecki, Tar Tambourine and Tabl Beledi

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Walid Assaf

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Walid teaches all styles of Arabic percussion including derbecki, riq, tar, tabl beledi and tambourine. Not only does Walid play and instruct several percussion instruments very masterfully, but he is a very qualified DJ and singer. He can provide a sound system for any function. Walid teaches Skype coaching and in studio through Art/Dance Academy. Call 865-375-0446/760-715-2276  to schedule your time.